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LM200 reverse well drilling rig (ZFY1.4 / 40/200)

LM200 reverse well drilling rig: It is mainly composed of four parts : drilling rig truck, operating truck, pump truck and drilling tools. The auxiliary equipment is a well washing pump and a set of special equipment for inclined wells.
The main technical performance of the reverse rig provided by the manufacturer is as follows:
(1) Guide hole diameter (mm): 216
(2) Guide hole diameter (mm): 1 400, 2 000 (secondary reaming)
(3) Drilling depth (m): 200, less than 150 (φ2 m reaming)
(4) Total power (kW): 82.5
(5) Host dimensions (length width height)
Transport (mm): 2 950 1 370 1 570
Work (mm): 3 230 1 770 3 448
(6) Host weight (kg): 8 277
LM200 reverse well drilling rig is a high-efficiency drilling equipment researched and designed to change the backward technology of suspended tanks and manual construction widely used in the construction of underground mines in China. Users can choose according to the diameter and depth of the borehole. The reverse rig can not only drill a coal mine ventilation shaft, various underground shafts, and auxiliary shafts, but also is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry and other mines to drill and expand in rock formations.
LM200 reverse well drilling rig adopts full hydraulic drive, new model, compact structure, high degree of mechanization, convenient transportation, simple operation, and can meet the requirements of explosion-proof operation. The adaptability of the drilling rig can meet the construction of different geological conditions Requirements can significantly increase the speed of construction, and construction safety, high quality of hole formation, low construction costs.
The use of reverse rigs is a revolution in the well construction process.
Main technical parameters of LM200 reverse well drilling rig :
Rig model ZFY1.4 / 200
Basic parameters
Hole diameter (mm) 216
Reaming diameter (m) 1.4
Drilling depth (m) 200
Out shaft speed (rpm) 5-33
Pilot hole rated torque (KN.m) 20
Reaming torque (KN.m) 40
Maximum allowable thrust of drill (KN) 350
Reaming maximum tension (KN)

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                  850 Drilling angle () 60 -90 Host weight (t) including the truck 8.3 Host transport size (mm)
                  (Length width height) 2950 1370 1700 Host working size (mm)
                  (Length width height) 3230 1770 3448 Effective length of drill pipe (mm) 1000 Drilling skew rate (%) ≤1 Motor power (KW) 86 Driving method Full hydraulic drive Adapt to lithology: Unidirectional compressive strength of rock <140Mpa

                  Construction Introduction of LM-200 Reverse Drilling Rig
                  Construction layout
                  Cooling circulation system of reverse well drilling rig
                  The cooling circulation system of the reverse well drilling rig is composed of a well washing pump (mud pump), a pool and a ditch. A 5 m3 pool is set 15 m away from the foundation of the reverse well rig, and a partition wall is set in the middle of the pool to divide the pool into a clear pool and a sedimentation tank. The concrete foundation and the pool are connected by a ditch, and the return water and fine sand appearing in the construction of the pilot hole flow back to the sedimentation tank along this ditch. The well washing pump is arranged between the rig truck and the pool. The specific arrangement is shown in Figure 1.
                  Installation of Reverse Drilling Rig Transport Track
                  In order to facilitate the positioning and positioning of the back-drilling rig, a transport track is installed on the ground in the unloading part of the cave. The track gauge is 60 cm, the track is a light rail of 24 kg / m, the sleepers are 10 cm 10 cm square wood, and the spacing is 50 cm / root. .
                  Installation foundation of backwell rig
                  The reverse drilling rig is installed at the intersection of the flat section and the deviated well, and the drilled hole from the host matches the extension of the centerline of the deviated well. The operation truck and the pump truck are parked in the blind hole after the expansion and excavation in order, and the operation truck has a safety distance of more than 1 m from the drilling hole. The foundation is poured in C20 concrete in two phases.The foundation is formed in the first phase and the anchor bolt pit of the backwell drilling rig is reserved. After the standby body is in place and the preliminary calibration is performed, the second phase concrete is backfilled to ensure that the backwell rig is firmly connected to the foundation. No shift occurs.
                  Reverse rig construction procedures
                  Foundation pouring (Phase I with circulating pool) → Backhole drilling rig installation (including high-pressure wash pump), initial positioning φ 216 mm pilot hole construction → Drill bit exposed at a predetermined depth (if no exposure is expanded, find a bit) → Construction of hole drill bit installation platform → Reaming bit lifting → Reaming bit installation → Installation platform withdrawal → φ1 200 reaming construction → Reaming bit disassembly → Reverse drilling rig removal.
                  LM200 reverse well drilling rig (ZFY1.4 / 40/200)

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                  LM200 reverse well drilling rig (ZFY1.4 / 40/200)
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