LM series reverse rig

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                  LM series reverse rig

                  LM series includes LM120 (120 meters in depth and 1.4 meters in diameter); LM180 (200 meters in depth and 2 meters in diameter); LM300 (300 meters in depth and 2 meters in diameter); LM400 (600 meters in depth and 3.5 meters in diameter) .

                  I. Overview of LM series reverse rigs The LM series reverse rigs are a kind of high-efficiency drilling equipment designed to change the backward technology of suspended tanks and manual construction widely used in the construction of underground mines in China. In-depth selection. The reverse rig can not only drill a coal mine ventilation shaft, various underground shafts, and auxiliary shafts, but also is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry and other mines to drill and expand in rock formations.
                  The LM series reverse well drilling rig adopts full hydraulic drive, new model, compact structure, high degree of mechanization, convenient transportation, simple operation, and can meet the requirements of explosion-proof operation. The rig has strong adaptability and can meet the construction of different geological conditions in the mine. Requirements can significantly increase the speed of construction, and construction safety, high quality of hole formation, low construction costs.
                  The use of reverse rigs is a revolution in the well construction process.

                  Structure and working principle of LM series reverse rig
                  1. Structure of LM series reverse rig
                  LM series reverse well drilling rig generally includes two major parts: host part and drilling tool part.
                  The main part includes the frame, hydraulic pump station, and operation control system. The frame is two “[” shaped half-frame assembly structures, which can withstand external forces such as pulling, pulling and twisting when the rig is working. The hydraulic pump station and operation control system are used to drive the rig and control the working conditions of the rig. Observe the requirements of different drilling processes under different conditions.
                  Drilling tools include hole drill rods, stable drill rods, ordinary drill rods, pilot drills, reaming drills, etc.
                  The rig can travel on 600 or 900mm gauge track, which is very convenient to install and does not require other auxiliary equipment. Figure 1 is a schematic diagram of the LM-120 reverse well drilling rig. The structure of the LM series reverse rig is similar, except that the external dimensions and technical parameters are different.
                  2. The working principle of LM series back-drilling rig The main drive of the rig is transmitted to the drilling tool system through the power water tap, which drives the pilot drill or reaming drill to rotate. The roller on the pilot bit or the hob on the cutter head of the reaming bit moves at the bottom of the well. Under the action of drilling pressure, the hob impacts, squeezes, and shears the rock to break the rock. When the pilot hole is drilled, the broken rock debris is discharged out of the borehole by the fresh water or mud that is circulating; the rock debris during the reaming directly falls into the lower horizontal roadway, and the mine truck is lifted by the pick-up machine. The pilot hole is drilled from the upper level to the lower level, and the enlarged hole is pulled from the lower level to the upper level (drill bit).

                  3. Model and technical parameter table of LM series reverse rig:

                  New and old models of LM series reverse rigs:
                  ZFY0.9 / 90 (LM- 90)
                  ZFY1.2 / 120 type (LM-120)
                  ZFY1.4 / 200 (LM-200) coal mine reverse rig
                  ZFY1.8 / 250 (LM-250)
                  ZFY1.4 / 300 type (LM-300)
                  型( LM-400 ) ZFY2.0 / 400 type ( LM-400 )

                  Marking example: ZFY1.2 / 120 (A) reverse well drilling rig, which indicates that the nominal hole forming diameter is 1.2m and the maximum drilling depth is 120m. It is the first time to improve the design of the reverse well hydraulic drive rig.

                  Main technical parameters of LM series reverse rig
                  model Guide hole diameter / mm Reaming diameter / m Depth / m Speed / r / min Torque / kNm Push / pull
                  / kN
                  Total power / kW Dimensions
                  / m
                  LM-90 190 0.9 100 0-45 15 160/380 45.5 2.5 1.6 2.8
                  LM-120 244 1.2 120 0-43 31 250/500 62.5 2.9 1.4 3.2
                  LM-200 216 1.4-2.0 200 0-20 40 350/850 82.5 3.2 1.7 3.4
                  LM-300 216 1.5 300 0-38 50 420/1256 97.5 2.9 1.9 3.4
                  (ZFY2.0 / 400)
                  270 2.0 400 0-32 100 2000/3000 110 3.1 1.6 4.6

                  Fourth, the LM type reverse well drilling model has the following advantages:
                  主要 The main parameters such as the drilling rig's push, pull force, rotation torque, and rotation speed are reasonable in design, the drilling process is simple, and it can meet the construction requirements under different geological conditions and multiple apertures;
                  ⑵ Full hydraulic drive, compact structure, light weight, and low power;
                  ⑶ The mainframe installation and transportation and adjustment are all mechanized, simple, labor-saving, rapid and safe, and do not require auxiliary equipment;
                  液压 The hydraulic system of the host is simple and reliable, and easy to operate. Most of the hydraulic components use the famous brand components of the national standard series, which is easy to repair and replace;
                  实现 The mechanized drilling operation is realized, the operation is simple and safe, the labor conditions are improved, and the labor intensity is reduced;
                  丝 The drill pipe thread adopts API international standard, safe and reliable, good interchangeability, long life, reasonable loading and unloading drill technology, short assist time, and the drill is equipped with a hole drill pipe and a special stable drill pipe, which can effectively prevent Wellbore deflection
                  适用 The drilling rig has strong applicability and can be used in more complicated geological conditions;
                  钻 The rig is explosion-proof, suitable for environments with combustible gases at all levels;
                  高 The drilling rig has high efficiency, well formation speed block, and good quality.

                  V. Construction experience of LM series anti-drilling machine
                  1. Wide range of applicable geological conditions
                  LM series reverse well drilling rig is suitable for famous rocks with hardness of 13-14. For special hard rock door (more than f14), special hob can be customized. This rig is also suitable for soft rock, expansive rock, coal seam and rock in fault fracture zone, and is suitable for super gas mine. E.g:
                  <1> A well at Datai Mine of Beijing Bureau of Mines, with a well depth of 99.7m, of which the rock exceeding "2 is 55.2m, and the pure drilling time of the pilot hole is 1.25m / h. The interval is 0.73m / h.
                  <2> A well in Nanshan Mine of Hegang Mining Bureau, with a depth of 78m, of which 28m is a coal seam. The mine is a super gas mine (mountain gas pressure is high, and geological drilling cannot drill). Pure drilling time for pilot hole is 3,8m / h, pure drilling time for reaming is 1.5m / h.
                  <3> A well in the Zhaogezhuang Mine of the Kailuan Mining Bureau, with a depth of 82m, including 25m of expansive rock layers, was initially drained with clear water to guide the slag, and the drill pipe was blocked at a depth of 52m and could not be drilled. The slag was drained from the hole, and the construction task of the well was successfully completed.
                  2. Suitable for a variety of apertures, depths and slopes
                  The IM series reverse well drilling rig has large potential capability and high safety factor, and can be applied to a variety of boreholes and depths and 60'-90 'inclination of dark wells.
                  The IM-120 backdrill parallel machine has a design diameter of 1.2m and a depth of 120m. In Jiaojiasai Mine of Xuangang Mining Bureau, Shanxi, a single well was drilled at 236.5m, which was 1.97 times the designed drilling depth.
                  LM-200 reverse rig is designed with a diameter of 2m, a depth of 150m ~ a design diameter of 1.4m, and a depth of 200m. In the Wenfu Coal Mine in Shandong Province, a well was drilled 316m (diameter 1.4m) at a time, which was 1.58 times the designed drilling depth. This well is currently the deepest dark well drilled with domestic rigs.
                  LM-90 reverse well drilling rig is designed with a diameter of 0,9m and a depth of 90m. A well was drilled in Henghe Mine, Shandong Province, the slope was 60 ', and the measured slope was less than o. 2%. .
                  3. Simple and reliable construction method
                  The main machine of the M series reverse rig is composed of three 600mm gauge (or 900mm gauge) vehicles, which can be transported directly to the construction site. After the foundation and the chamber are prepared, they are directly installed without other auxiliary equipment. Select the corresponding pressing (or pulling) force and torque for drilling. The drilling operation is simple and convenient. First, drill a guide II, and after 5 levels T, remove the pilot drill head and expand the hole up to the upper level. Into a well.
                  4. Use effect and economic benefit
                  The LM series reverse rig has been successfully used in more than thirty mining bureaus across the country. An old project of the Hegang Mining Bureau recognizes: LM series reverse well drilling rig is a revolution in well construction technology and a reliable guarantee for the safety of mine construction. "IM series anti-parallel drilling m * said in the invoice: taste the word: black 1987 :: month u, the middle includes shipping back to the factory for 3 months), the transportation conditions are very poor (round trip (8 times bottom lift tank bottom, 4 times inclined shaft lift, 457mm rail BE lose)

                  Six, LM series reverse well drilling rig requirements for users
                  In order to better serve users and ensure the successful use of LM series reverse rigs, bringing the greatest economic benefits to users, users who purchase LM series reverse rigs must send technicians and junior high schools to rig assembly and commissioning. Classes of 6 to 7 operators including graduates and electricians come to the factory for theoretical study and in-plant operation training. After passing the exams, trainees can obtain the work permits for the M-series reverse well drilling rigs. Those who have no work permits are not allowed to perform various professional tasks such as the installation, operation and maintenance of the M-series reverse well drill rigs.
                  For the first time, the user uses the M series reverse rig. When the drilling rig is ready for drilling after the construction of the rig is completed, the manufacturer should be notified. The manufacturer sends relevant technical personnel to assist the user in the installation and commissioning work, and further performs operations on the site during drilling. Training to enable operators to conduct backwell construction independently;

                  LM series reverse rig

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