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FJD umbrella rig

FJD Vertical Shaft Drilling Rig (Umbrella Drilling Rig)

FJD Umbrella Drill, Umbrella Drilling Rig, Umbrella Drilling Umbrella Drilling, Shaft Drilling Rig fjd-6 Umbrella Drilling Fjd-9 Rock Drilling Rig Consultation Hotline: 132 8008 2001 Manager Cao Zhuo is dedicated to serve you!

FJD umbrella-type drilling rig is powered by compressed air and hydraulically driven vertical rock drilling equipment. The drilling rig is equipped with multiple independent rotary rock drilling rigs to drill blast holes, which can be used to dig vertical shafts of various mines.

FJD Umbrella Drilling Rig is a specially developed channeling equipment for mechanized excavation of vertical shafts. It is like an umbrella, which can be opened for drilling blastholes, and retracted to facilitate wellbore transportation. It is an indispensable special equipment to achieve fast drilling, shorten the construction period and improve economic benefits.

This equipment is suitable for a wide range of wellbores, ranging from small to 4.5m to 5m, medium to 6m to 7m, and large wells from 8m to 8m. According to the continuous development of blasting technology, it provides blasthole depths of 4200 mm, 4800 mm and 5500 mm, which meets the technical requirements for deep hole smooth blasting and greatly improves the speed of excavation of vertical shafts. It can be matched with high-efficiency YGZ70 rock drill to play 40 meters deep drainage holes, water exploration holes and grouting holes. Therefore, it is an ideal vertical shaft excavation and channeling equipment at home and abroad.

FJD umbrella rig advantages:
1. High efficiency. The drilling speed is 3-4 times that of manual labor. Today, with the rising wages of labor, basically, one well can save the money of an umbrella drill.
2. High working accuracy. Umbrella drills are all mechanized, with the advantages of accurate pointing, easy operation, labor saving, and labor saving.
3. Large working range, FJD umbrella rig is suitable for small and medium-sized wellbores from 4.5 meters to 8 meters. Wells up to 8 meters in length can be constructed.
4. Good working environment. Umbrella drilling uses YGZ70 rock drill, which has high impact force, low noise, and high-pressure water setting. It can effectively suppress dust during rock drilling and can effectively improve the working environment of workers.

FJD series umbrella rig performance technical parameter table
Type FJD5C-42 FJD5C-48 FJD5C-55 FJD6C-42 FJD6C-48

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                • FJD6C-55 FJD9C-42 FJD9C-48 FJD9C-55 Applicable wellbore diameter m 4.5-5 6-8 7-8.5 After collapsing
                  Shape ruler Height m 7.2 7.5 8.2 7.2 7.5 8.2 7.2 7.5 8.2 Outer circle diameter mm φ1650 φ1850 φ1950 Support arm
                  Support range Without casing mm φ3952—φ5692 φ5132—φ8032 φ5232—φ8132 With casing mm φ5630—φ7360 φ6800—φ9700 φ6900—φ9800 Total weight t 6.5 7.5 10.5 Blasthole depth mm 4200 4800 5500 4200 4800 5500 4200 4800 5500 Range of vertical borehole diameter mm 2000—7000 2000—8800
                  Boom swing angle 120 Thruster form Oil Cylinder—Wire Rope—Dynamic Fixed Pulley Set Form of power Pneumatic-hydraulic
                  machine Type YGZ70 YGZ50 YGZ70 YGZ50 YGZ70 YGZ50 Number 5th floor 6 units 9 units Brazing tail size mm Hollow hexagon 25X159 Round drill rod φ30X42 Hollow hexagon 25X159 Round drill rod φ30X42 Hollow hexagon 25X159 Round drill rod φ30X42 Applicable drill diameter mm φ38—55 Working pressure of hydraulic system Mpa 7-14 Working pressure Mpa 0.5-0.7 Working water pressure Mpa 0.3-0.5
                  0.5-2 0.3-0.5
                  0.5-2 0.3-0.5 0.5-2 Total air consumption m3 / min 80
                  77 80
                  77 95 77
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