Special Reverse Drilling Rig
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  • ZD Large Aperture Reverse Drilling Rig
    ZD Large Aperture Reverse Drilling Rig
    ZD-150 large-aperture reverse boring rig is mainly used for the construction of open cuts, coal slips, ventilation holes, coal bunkers and other engineering holes in steeply inclined coal and rock layers. ZD-150 large-bore reverse boring rig can drill both coal and rock holes; special equipment is set in the drilling tool, and the drilling accuracy is high.
  • Reverse rig
    Reverse rig
    The principle of the reverse well drilling rig is to drive the hydraulic motor through the motor of the rig, the hydraulic motor drives the faucet, and uses hydraulic power to transmit the torque to the drilling tool system, which drives the drill rod and drill bit to rotate, and the pilot drill or reaming drill Under the effect of weight on bit, the hob performs pure rolling or slight sliding along the rock face at the bottom of the well. At the same time, the axial tension and pressure generated by the main engine cylinder are
  • ZFY series reverse well drilling rig
    ZFY series reverse well drilling rig
    High-quality supply: ZFY (LM) series reverse well rigs, ZFY (AT) series reverse well rigs, ZFY (ZLFY) type reverse well rigs, ZFY (ZFYD) low profile reverse rigs. The new coal safety models of ZFY series reverse rigs are as follows.
  • Patio rig
    Patio rig
    Zhuoli's patio drilling rig series includes models suitable for traditional patio reaming, slip-drilling and downhole drilling, with bore diameters ranging from 0.5 m to 6 m. This rig can be used for drilling ventilation shafts, drainage wells, slip wells, filling wells, lifting wells, trenches and pressure pipe shafts of hydropower stations in civil engineering and mining. It has a safe and easy drill pipe operating system and can improve drilling accuracy,
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