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YSJZ hydraulic shaft drilling rig

YSJZ hydraulic shaft drilling rig

YSJZ series hydraulic shaft drilling rig
YSJZ hydraulic shaft drilling rig (Umbrella drill) uses hydraulic rock drill to drill rock, which has the following advantages: hydraulic rock drill has large impact power and improves drilling speed; especially suitable for hard rock construction, rock hardness can reach f20; high work efficiency and energy loss Small, can save a lot of electricity costs; use water slag to avoid dust; greatly reduce noise, improve the working environment.

YSJZ hydraulic shaft drilling rig uses hydraulic rock drill to drill rock, which has the following advantages:
1. The hydraulic rock drill has a large impact power, which improves the drilling speed.
2. Especially suitable for hard rock construction, rock hardness can reach f20.
3. High working efficiency, small energy loss, can save a lot of electricity costs.
4. Reduced air compressor purchase costs.
5. Water slag is used to avoid dust.
6. The noise is greatly reduced, which improves the working environment.

Working principle of hydraulic shaft drilling rig The hydraulic shaft drilling rig hydraulic station is driven by an air motor to supply oil to the oil pump. The multi-way valve centrally controls the oil cylinders to achieve the fixing of the column in the wellbore and the positioning of the propeller on the working surface. Each cylinder's inlet and outlet are equipped with hydraulic locks to achieve accurate positioning of each cylinder. There is a rigid steel boom and a propeller. In addition, the parallel movement mechanism is used to improve the accuracy and efficiency of drilling blastholes, while reducing the manual labor of workers. Adopting oil cylinder-wire rope propulsion type, the propulsion force can be adjusted, the force of the drill is large, and the work is stable, which can meet the requirements of different rock hardness of the working face. Six air motors are reduced compared with air motor-lead screw type, which can reduce the noise of the whole machine. The whole machine uses standard oil cylinders except for the propulsion oil cylinders, which is easy to maintain.

YSJZ hydraulic shaft rig performance parameters
Basic performance parameters unit Parameter value
YSJZ3.6 YSJZ4.8 YSJZ6.12
Applicable wellbore diameter (barren diameter) m 4-6 6-9 9-12
Collapsed size mm Φ1700 * 7300

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          • Φ2100 * 8000 2250 * 8200 Number of booms Each 3 4 6 Support range mm Made according to agreement Swing arm angle degree 130 120 120 Arm swing   Hydraulic cylinder Drilling diameter mm Φ45―Φ54 Drilling depth mm 4200 5100 5100 Drilling range mm Φ1650-6500 Φ1650―9000 Φ1650-12000 Rig weight kg 6000 8200 11500
            * The above parameters are subject to change without notice.

            液压竖井钻机技术参数表 YSJZ4.8 hydraulic shaft rig technical parameter table
            project unit parameter
            Overall performance Number of drill arms 4
            Borehole diameter mm φ1650-9000
            Dimensions after collapsed (circle diameter height) mm 2250 8000
            Support arm supports external circle diameter mm φ5.5-7.7 φ5.6-8.6
            Swing angle of boom o 60o left and right
            Rig weight Kg About 8200
            Pumping station weight Kg About 3000
            Drilling diameter Mm φ51 φ55
            Drilling depth Mm 4500, 5100
            Drilling machinery Type characteristics Impact rotary
            electric motor rated power KW 55 2
            Rated voltage V 380/660
            Rated current A 110 2/56 2
            Rated speed r / min 1480
            Main pump type Fuel tank capacity L 520
            Slewing mechanism Rated torque N / m 220
            Rated speed r / min 200
            Working pressure MPa 15
            Work flow L / min ≤45
            Flushing water pressure MPa 0.6-1.2
            Thruster Type characteristics Rail type
            Way forward Cylinder-wire rope
            Total length Mm 5824/6424
            Advance stroke Mm 4500/5100
            Hydraulic power station Working pressure MPa 16
            Work flow L / min 400
            Auxiliary working device water supply system
            Working pressure MPa 0.6-1.2
            Work flow L / min 120
            Auxiliary pumping station Working pressure MPa 12-14
            Work flow L / min 40

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