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SJZ shaft rig

SJZ series vertical shaft drilling rig

SJZ series vertical shaft drilling rig is a channeling equipment developed for the construction and drilling of vertical shafts. It uses compressed air as the power and uses hydraulic transmission to mechanize all movements of the rig. It has a wide range of well diameters, flexible operation, accurate positioning, and safety and reliability .
SJZ vertical shaft rig is like an umbrella. It can be used for drilling blastholes, and it can be easily transported when it is closed. It is an indispensable special equipment to achieve fast drilling, shorten the construction period and improve economic benefits.

Product Support
,长推进行程,加之采用平行移动机构,使钻凿炮孔精度和效率相应提高,大大节省了辅助工作时间,提高了工作效率。 The SJZ shaft drilling rig is equipped with a high-efficiency pneumatic rock drill with a long propulsion stroke and a parallel movement mechanism, which improves the accuracy and efficiency of drilling blastholes, greatly saving auxiliary working time and improving work efficiency.
YGZ-70 guide rail type independent rotary rock drill has quick, accurate and stable drilling rod displacement, high rock drilling efficiency, and can also be equipped with other types of high-efficiency rock drill after the slide seat is modified.

Scope of application
The SJZ series of vertical shaft rigs are suitable for a wide range of wellbores, ranging from small wellbores of 4.5 meters to 5 meters, medium-sized wellbores of 6 to 7 meters, and large wellbores of 8 to 8 meters.
According to the continuous development of blasting technology, umbrella rigs provide blasthole depths of 4200 mm, 4800 mm and 5500 mm, which meet the technical requirements for achieving deep hole smooth blasting and greatly increase the speed of vertical shaft excavation.
Umbrella drill rig can not only hit the cannon hole, but also can be used with high-efficiency YGZ70 rock drill to drill 40 meters deep drainage holes, water exploration holes and grouting holes.
Therefore, umbrella-type drilling rig is currently the ideal vertical shaft excavation and channeling equipment at home and abroad.

Model of SJZ series vertical shaft rig :
SJZ5.5 shaft rig, SJZ5.6 shaft rig, SJZ6.7 shaft rig, SJZ6.9 shaft rig, SJZ6.10 shaft rig.

Technical parameters of SJZ series vertical rig
project parameter parameter parameter parameter parameter
model SJZ5.5 SJZ5.6 SJZ6.7 SJZ6.9 SJZ6.10
Number of support arms (a) 3 3 3 3 3
Number of booms (a) 5 5 6 6 6
Support arm support range (m) 4.6--6.6 5.7--7.7 4.6--6.7
6.6--9.8 7.6--10.8
Vertical barrel diameter (m) 1.6--6.3 1.65--8.2 1.65--8.2 1.65--9.56 1.65--10.5
Working pressure (MPa) 0.5--0.7 0.5--0.7 0.5--0.7 0.5--0.7 0.5--0.7
Air consumption (litre / min) 58 58 68 68 68
Collapsed Dimensions (m) 1.7 x 6 1.9 x 7.2 1.9 x 7.2 1.9 x 7.7 1.9 x 8.2
Brazing tail specifications (mm) B25 159 hexagonal drill rod B25 159 hexagonal drill rod B25 159 hexagonal drill rod B25 159 hexagonal drill rod B25 159 hexagonal drill rod
Drill diameter (mm) 38--55 38--55 38--55 38--55 38--55
Drill rod length (m) 3.9 4.7 4.7 4.7 4.7
Total weight (tons) 5.3 6.3 7.8 8.2 9

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          • Safety measures for shaft drilling rigs 1. Prevent people or objects from falling from the bucket.
            2. Prevent falling objects from catching people.
            3. All maintenance personnel must carry out the study and pass the exam before they can start work.
            4. Strengthen personal protection awareness, personal safety production, and strictly implement the "four no harm" policy.
            5. Resolutely implement the general policy of "unsafe and no production".

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