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ZFY1.8 / 50/250 reverse well drilling rig (LM-250)

LM series reverse well drilling rig is a high-efficiency drilling equipment researched and designed to change the backward technology of suspended tanks and manual construction widely used in the construction of underground mines in China. Users can choose according to the diameter and depth of the borehole. The reverse rig can not only drill a coal mine ventilation shaft, various underground shafts, and auxiliary shafts, but also is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry and other mines to drill and expand in rock formations.
The LM series reverse well drilling rig adopts full hydraulic drive, new model, compact structure, high degree of mechanization, convenient transportation, simple operation, and can meet the requirements of explosion-proof operation. The rig has strong adaptability and can meet the construction of different geological conditions in the mine. Requirements can significantly increase the speed of construction, and construction safety, high quality of hole formation, low construction costs.
The use of reverse rigs is a revolution in the well construction process.
ZFY1.8 / 50/250 (LM-250) reverse well drilling rig-technical parameters
Rig model ZFY1.8 / 250
Basic parameters
Hole diameter (mm) 244
Reaming diameter (m) 1.8
Drilling depth (m) 250
Out shaft speed (rpm) 5-33
Pilot hole rated torque (KN.m) 17
Reaming torque (KN.m) 52
Maximum allowable thrust of drill (KN) 700
Reaming maximum tension (KN) 1250
Drilling angle () 60 -90
Host weight (t) including the truck 8.5
Host transport size (mm)
(Length width height)
2670 1380 1560
Host working size (mm)
(Length width height)
3350 1650 3940
Effective length of drill pipe (mm) 1000
Drilling skew rate (%) ≤1
Motor power (KW) 86
Driving method Full hydraulic drive
Adapt to lithology: Unidirectional compressive strength of rock <140Mpa

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