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BRW15 / 25 emulsion pump station

乳化液泵站(可 移动、轻便型 ) BRWT15 / 25 emulsion pump station ( mobile, portable )

乳化液泵站 适用于煤层注水、井下液压支柱供液。 BRWT15 / 25 emulsion pumping station is suitable for coal seam water injection and underground hydraulic pillar liquid supply. It is a special support equipment developed for the characteristics of small underground space and difficult support work in coal mines. Loved by the majority of operators.
乳化液泵站 主要特点:体积小、重量轻、结构紧凑、操作灵活、移动方便、节能降耗。 The main features of BRWT15 / 25 emulsion pumping station : small size, light weight, compact structure, flexible operation, convenient movement, energy saving and consumption reduction.  
乳化液泵站 优点: 泵的主要部件由国外进口,泵采用浸润润滑式曲轴转动、无摩擦陶瓷柱塞。 Advantages of the BRWT15 / 25 emulsion pump station : The main parts of the pump are imported from abroad. The pump uses an impregnated and lubricated crankshaft to rotate and a frictionless ceramic plunger. Automatic pressure control and automatic unloading. Long life and stable and reliable performance. Low pressure working pressure, fast injection, automatic mixing of emulsion.

BRWT15 / 25 emulsion pumping station

  产品概述: Product overview of BRW15 / 25 emulsion pumping station :

This series of pump station is a new generation of portable energy-saving mobile pump station developed by our company. INTERPUMP 公司的技术生产,比传统泵站体积小、重量轻、节能降耗。 The high-pressure ceramic plunger pump is produced by the technology of Italian INTERPUMP company, which is smaller than the traditional pumping station, light in weight, energy saving and consumption reducing. It is used in various mining, national defense, tunnel and tunnel operations to provide high-pressure emulsion for coal mining face. It is an indispensable portable pumping station for narrow mining faces and frequent moving areas, and it is also a special high-pressure liquid injection equipment for the manufacturing and maintenance enterprises of hydraulic pillars and large pillars. Automatic water inlet, pump over-pressure automatic unloading, emulsification ratio concentration can be adjusted freely. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, flexible operation, convenient movement, high efficiency, energy saving, safety, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and long transmission distance.

Vacuum electromagnetic starters, emergency switches, accumulators, etc. can be installed according to customer needs.  
This series of models obtained the "Mining Product Safety Mark Certificate" issued by the National Mining Product Marking Center.

乳化液泵站技术参数 Technical parameters of BRWT15 / 25 emulsion pumping station :
(L/min) 公称压力 (Mpa) 电机功率( KW) 电机转速 (r/min) 整机质量 (Kg) 外形尺寸 (cm) 工作介质 Theoretical flow rate (L / min) Nominal pressure (Mpa) Motor power ( KW) Motor speed (r / min) Whole machine mass (Kg) Overall dimensions (cm) Working medium


BRW15 / 25 (30/6)

BRW40 / 20

Nominal flow L / min



Nominal pressure Mpa



Motor power KW



Voltage v


Dimension cm

60 63 135 60 63

60 63 140 60 63




乳化液 RBW15 / 25T 15 0-25 4 1420 125 110x55x56 3% -5% emulsion
乳化液 RBW20 / 25T 20 0-25 4 1420 125 110x55x56 3% -5% emulsion
乳化液 RBW20 / 31.5T 20 0-31.5 5.5 1440 140 110x55x56 3% -5% emulsion
乳化液 RBW30 / 31.5T 30 0-31.5 5.5 1440 140 110x55x56 3% -5% emulsion
乳化液 RBW30 / 25T 30 0-25 5.5 1440 155 110x55x56 3% -5% emulsion
乳化液 RBW40 / 25T 40 0-25 7.5 1440 155 110x55x56 3% -5% emulsion
380/660V 需要电压 660/ 1140V 请说明 本公司另备有煤矿井下用和地面维修用乳化液移动泵站,请订货时说明 Note: The above voltage is 380 / 660V. Need voltage 660 / 1140V. Please specify. The company also provides emulsion mobile pumping stations for underground coal mines and ground maintenance.

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