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Underground coal bunker reverse rig construction

Jining Zhuoli underground coal silo reverse well drilling rig construction adopts low-profile reverse well drilling rig construction, which can complete the operation construction with hole diameters of 1m, 1.2m, 1.4m and 1.6m.
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                • Jining Zhuoli is a large-scale enterprise specializing in the construction of low-profile reverse rigs in coal mines. The company is mainly engaged in the construction of underground coal silo reverse rigs, concealed (inclined) well reverse rigs, pipeline hole reverse rigs, cable holes. Reverse well drilling rig construction, coal hole reverse well rig construction, ventilation hole reverse rig construction and other construction operations. Zhuoli has professional large-scale construction machinery, top-level construction personnel, and superb construction technology. We sincerely look forward to working with you and working together to win the future together.
                  Underground coal bunker reverse rig construction
                  Underground coal bunker reverse rig construction case
                  1 Project Overview
                  The deepened coal bunker of the Nanshan main inclined shaft of Jinhuagong Mine is the main coal storage bin developed by the second level of Nanshanjing. Its upper mouth is located in the machine head of the dark inclined shaft on the central belt lane of the 12th floor. The slanted shaft extends to the # 12 main well belt chamber under the belt of the main shaft.
                  The upper elevation of the coal bunker is 94.500 m, the lower elevation of the coal bunker is 91.017 m, and the height of the coal bunker is 34.983 m. The entire coal bunker is composed of four parts: the upper mouth, the silo cap, the silo body and the coal hopper. The upper diameter of the coal bunker is designed to be 3 m, the diameter of the bunker body is designed to be 6 m, the wall thickness is 150 mm, and the concrete designation is C20.
                  2 Geological conditions
                  The rock layers exposed by the coal bunker of the main shaft of Nanshan in Jinhuagong Mine are mainly sandstones. Mudstones pass through the 11 # and 12 # coal seams. The strata and joints are more developed (f = 4-6). The surrounding rocks are relatively stable and the 11 # layer The thickness of coal is 0.8 m to 1.2 m, and the thickness of coal in layer 12 is 2.3 m to 2.8 m. The coal seam is hard, there is gas, and there is water dripping locally.
                  3 Coal bunker construction
                  反井钻机施工煤仓导硐孔 3.1 Using the LM120 Reverse Drilling Rig to Construct the Guide Hole of Coal Bunker
                  Before the construction of the coal bunker, the lower main inclined shaft has been extended to 12 # coal seam, and the main and auxiliary shafts have been penetrated. The upper 12 # layer centralized belt lane head chamber is completed. Therefore, according to the technical characteristics and formation conditions of the coal bunker, first, the LM-120 reverse well drilling rig was selected for construction. The drilling rig was first installed in the centralized belt head of the 12th floor. Cross centerline of the coal bunker. 反井钻机小钻头卸掉,换上d 1.2 m的大钻头,再由下而上扩孔至煤仓上口,在钻孔过程中的矸石由下部耙岩机装到矿车上,通过主副井联巷运至副斜井底,后运至地面。 Second, use a LM-120 backdrilling rig to drill a 244 mm pilot hole from top to bottom, drill into the coal feeder chamber, make the coal bunker go up and down, find the position, and then unload the small bit of the backdrill rig Drop it, replace it with a large drill bit of 1.2 m, and then ream the hole to the upper mouth of the coal bunker from bottom to top. During the drilling process, the vermiculite will be loaded on the minecart by the lower rock rake and passed through the main and auxiliary shafts. Transported to the bottom of the auxiliary inclined well, and then transported to the surface. The hole can be used for ventilation, drainage, and drainage during the large coal bunker brushing process.
                  3.2 Brush construction of coal bunker
                  反井钻机钻通后,再由上向下采用光面爆破的方法刷大至设计段面。 (1) After the coal bunker was drilled through with the LM-120 reverse well drilling rig , it was brushed up to the design section using smooth blasting from top to bottom. The height of each brush is 1.5 m, and the anchor rod (d 18 mm 1.7 m reinforced resin anchor rod) is hit in time, and the concrete is sprayed to support it to prevent chipping. The interval is 1.0m 1.0m, and the spray thickness is 150mm. When passing through 11 # and 12 # coal seams, add a metal mesh (the size of the metal mesh is 1m 1m, and the grid is 100mm 100 mm, welded from d 6 mm steel bars), overlap length is 100 mm, concrete spray thickness is 200 mm, and the designation is C20.
                  (2) During the completion of the brushing construction of the upper and upper parts of the coal bunker, design and construction in strict accordance with the construction drawings, and install a sealing disc on it, with hoisting, air duct, water pipe, and shotcrete on the disc surface. Pipes and ladders, etc. At the same time, a back-column winch is installed in the upper head of the coal bunker. The crane and equipment are lifted up and down by 1 m3 buckets with two wheel wheels embedded in the 18th I-beam steel frame embedded in the nose chamber of the machine head. Lower mouth part.
                  (3) During the expansion process of the coal bunker, a self-made d 2 m iron ladle was used to cover the d 1.2 m coal bunker guide hole before drilling, and a 50 mm thick wooden board was laid to ensure personnel safety. . Before firing, raise the iron rafter to a safe position by the back column winch. After firing, most of the vermiculite will slide to the bottom of the main inclined shaft at the lower part of the coal bunker through the guide hole d 1.2 m. d. 1.2m guide hole is covered. Manually slide the unrolled vermiculite into the guide hole and slide it down. The rake rock steadily installed through the lower mouth of the coal bunker is loaded into the mine car and transported away. When punching, it is necessary to puncture the charge and fire the gun strictly in accordance with the blasting instructions in the pile to prevent the block of the vermiculite from blocking the guide hole. In addition, during eye punching, the eye depth must be well controlled to prevent uneven working surfaces after firing, which will increase the difficulty in eye punching in the next cycle and cause hidden dangers. Water dripping from the coal bunker and leaking water pipes can flow into the bottom of the main well through the pilot hole and drain to the sub-inclined bottom silo through temporary drainage equipment. Since the guide hole of d1.2m is unobstructed, there is no need to install special ventilation equipment.
                  (4) When spraying concrete, the shotcrete machine can be stabilized in the upper mouth of the coal bunker and transported to the working surface through the conveying steel pipe for shotcrete operation.
                  4 Economic and technological benefits
                  反井钻机施工,与原先的正向掘进和反打煤仓相比,提高了机械化程度,掘进工效提高了2倍,实际施工工期为18天,比原计划提前了12天,加快了煤仓施工速度。 (1) Jinhuagong Mine Nanshan main shaft coal bunker was originally planned to have a construction period of 30 days. Due to the use of LM 120 reverse well drilling rig construction, compared with the original forward driving and reverse coal bunker, the degree of mechanization has been improved. The digging efficiency has been doubled, and the actual construction period is 18 days, 12 days ahead of the original plan, which has accelerated the construction speed of the coal bunker.
                  反井钻机先钻d 1.2 m钻孔进行溜矸泄水,然后再由上向下刷大,与普通钻爆法相比,降低了施工难度,提高了爆破效率,节约了大量的辅助时间和设备,节省资金15%,降低成本约26%。 (2) The coal bunker construction uses the LM-120 reverse well drilling rig to drill d 1.2 m boreholes for slippage and drainage, and then brushes from top to bottom. Compared with the ordinary drilling and blasting method, the construction difficulty is reduced. Improved blasting efficiency, saved a lot of auxiliary time and equipment, saved 15% of funds, and reduced costs by about 26%.
                  反井钻机对煤仓进行施工,先钻导硐孔,增大了爆破自由面,减少了爆破时对围岩的振动和破坏,很好地解决了通风、排水、排矸这些煤仓施工中的难题,有利于煤仓壁的永久支护和以后的正常使用。 (3) Due to the construction of coal bunker with LM120 reverse drilling rig , the pilot countersink is drilled first, which increases the blasting free surface, reduces vibration and damage to surrounding rocks during blasting, and solves the problem of ventilation, The difficulties in drainage and drainage of coal bunker construction are beneficial to the permanent support of the coal bunker wall and the normal use in the future.
                  5 Experience
                  (1) Because Nanshan Well is a high gas panel, during the construction, pilot countersinks are drilled first, which completely solves the problem of difficult local ventilation during coal bunker construction and ensures safe production.
                  反井钻机施工1个d 1.2 m导硐孔与主斜井贯通,从而减少了采区煤仓刷砌施工中排水、排矸、通风等设施和环节,加快了煤仓的施工速度,降低了工程成本。 (2) Since the coal bunker construction in the mining area uses the LM120 type reverse well drilling rig to construct a d 1.2 m pilot counterbored hole that is connected to the main inclined shaft, thereby reducing the drainage, drainage, and drainage of coal bunkering in the mining area. Ventilation and other facilities and links speed up the construction speed of coal bunkers and reduce engineering costs.
                  (3) Due to the construction of the guide hole, the free surface of the smooth surface blasting during the expansion of the coal bunker is increased, the light explosion effect is greatly improved, the engineering quality is reduced, and the cost is reduced.
                  反井钻机施工煤仓,改善了工作面的作业环境,提高了机械化程度,提高了工作效率,从而缩短了煤仓施工期。 (4) The construction of coal bunkers using reverse drilling rigs has improved the working environment of the working face, increased the degree of mechanization, and improved work efficiency, thereby shortening the construction period of coal bunkers.
                  反井钻机施工煤仓具有机械化程度高、劳动强度低等优点,特别是技术上可行,经济上合理,在同等条件下,可优先选用该法施工。 (5) Through this construction, I realized that the construction of coal bunkers using reverse drilling rigs has the advantages of high mechanization and low labor intensity. In particular, it is technically feasible and economically reasonable. Under the same conditions, this method can be preferred.
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