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Maintenance and maintenance of BRW400 / 315 emulsion pump

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Maintenance and maintenance of BRW400 / 315 emulsion pump
With N68 # mechanical oil, lubricating oil with lower viscosity should not be used to avoid affecting the lubrication. Lubricating oil is changed for the first time after running for 150 hours. At the same time, the oil tank is cleaned. The refueling must be added at the filter port. It should be properly supplemented during normal operation to prevent coal dust from entering the cabinet.
2. Daily maintenance
⑴ Check whether all moving parts and fasteners are loose, and whether any joints are leaking. Tighten the locking sleeve at the joint of the plunger slider to eliminate the axial clearance between the plunger slider.
⑵ Require the use of a wrench to frequently check whether the screw plug of the suction and discharge valve is loose. Tighten it firmly until it stops. This inspection must not be less than once a week.
(3) Check the performance of the suction and discharge valve, usually observe the noise of the valve group and the beating of the pressure gauge, and deal with it if it is found abnormal.
后 After the pump is started, the working oil pressure of the gear oil pump should be checked frequently. If it is lower than 0.1MPa, the pump should be stopped in time.
⑸ Check whether the seal of each part is reliable, mainly the slider seal and the plunger seal.
⑹ Check the oil level of the crankcase and the amount of oil in the lubricating oil tank, and replenish it if necessary.
检查 Check the nitrogen pressure in the accumulator once a month to make full use of the accumulator.
⑻When the ambient temperature of the pump is ≤0 C, the suction hose must be removed after the pump is stopped, and the liquid in the suction chamber of the pump must be removed to avoid freezing the box.
⑼ Check if the suction screw plug is loose in each shift and tighten it if necessary.
3. Replace the seal ring. Remove the pump head, screw two M12 bolts into the high-pressure steel sleeve, and take out the high-pressure steel sleeve components to replace the seal ring. The plunger seal has four rectangular seal structures. During assembly, four rectangular rings The interface positions should be staggered from each other.
4. In the long-term operation of the lift-up maintenance pump, due to wear and corrosion, the original accuracy and performance have been lost. At this time, the lift-up maintenance should be performed in time. According to the actual situation, the necessary vulnerable parts should be replaced to restore the pump Performance.
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