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                  Relevant regulations for using the drilling method to drill a vertical shaft

                  Source: xe1x.com Author: admin Date: 2019-09-07 15:36 heat:
                  When using a drilling method to drill a vertical wellbore, the following requirements must be observed:
                  (1) The final location of the drilling design and construction must pass through the alluvium and enter the stable bedrock that is impervious to water for more than 5 meters.
                  (2) The temporary locking depth of drilling should be greater than 4m, and it should be more than 3m into the stable formation. Special measures should be taken in special circumstances.
                  (3) During drilling, the wellhead must be covered and reliable anti-fall measures should be taken; the drilling mud surface must be higher than the underground static water level of 0 ~ 5m and not lower than the lower end of the temporary lock; 1m alarm system.
                  (4) Mud trenches, mud sedimentation tanks, and temporary storage ponds shall be provided with protective facilities. The discharge and solidification of mud shall meet environmental protection requirements.
                  (5) The deflection of the wellbore must be measured in time when drilling. When the deflection exceeds the stipulations, it must be corrected in time. The deflection of the wellbore and the distance between the measurement points must be specified in the design of the construction organization. Longitudinal and cross-sectional views, wellbore centerline and section must conform to design.
                  (6) When the well wall sinks, the upper edge of the well wall should be more than 1.5m higher than the mud surface. When the well wall is docked and aligned, the staff of the inner hanging plate shall not exceed 4 people.
                  (7) Special measures must be formulated when sinking the wall, back wall filling and filling quality inspection, excavating the bottom of the shaft wall and digging the Matoumen.
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