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Overhaul and maintenance management system for emulsion pumping station of coal mine comprehensive mining team

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Overhaul and maintenance management system of emulsion pumping station of coal mine comprehensive mining team I. Daily inspection:
1. Deal with problems that the production class cannot handle.
2. Check the fastening bolts of each part.
3. Check the oil level and temperature of each part to meet the requirements. If the oil level is insufficient, make up.
4. Check and treat the plunger oil level and grease.
5. Replace the broken pipe in the hydraulic system, joint and deal with the dripping problem.
6. Handle the oil leakage problem of the plunger cup.
7. Clean the filter.
8. Check whether the pressure gauge is flexible and reliable.
9. Inspect various valves for damage and dripping.
10. Clean the oil and dust on the surface of the pump station equipment to maintain environmental hygiene.
11. Deal with damaged and diseased parts in production shift.
12. Fill in the maintenance records and operation records truthfully.
Second, weekly inspection 1. Including the content of daily inspection and issues that cannot be dealt with during the daily inspection.
2. Clean the coarse and fine filters, pump head, suction and discharge valve seat and pump box.
3. Check if the unloading valve is sensitive and reliable. If there is any problem, handle or replace it.
4. Check whether the protection of each protection device is sensitive and reliable.
5. Check whether the accumulator has sufficient nitrogen.
6. Inspect the abrasion of the crankshaft, bearing pads, reducer gears, connecting rods and other machinery.
7. Replace any parts that have been inspected for severe wear and damage.
8. Fill in the maintenance records carefully and truthfully.
Third, monthly inspection 1. Clean the crankcase of deteriorated grease.
2. Check the wear of the slider, plunger, bearing pad and seal, and replace it according to the wear.
3. Clean the emulsion tank and filter.
4. Replace worn mechanical parts such as: crankshaft, bearing pads, wheels, connecting rods, etc.
5. Check and test the action performance of the unloading valve, safety valve and pressure gauge.
6. Check the pressure of the accumulator. If it is lower than the specified value, give nitrogen or replace it. Nitrogen is strictly prohibited.
7. Check the concentricity of the motor, the pump body and the coupling, and adjust the concentricity.
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