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Emulsion Pump Station Overhaul Safety Practices 2019

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Emulsion pump station maintenance workers safety operation regulations Article 1 Emulsion pump station maintenance workers must be familiar with the performance and construction principles of the pump station, after passing the training and examination, holding a certificate to work, or not to work
Article 2 Pump station maintenance workers shall regularly check the pump station according to the following requirements:
1. Persist in scrubbing oil and dirt every shift;
2. Insist on cleaning the filter core once a day and replace the filter core once a week;
3. The performance of the high and low pressure control devices is checked and identified once a week by a special manager;
4, insist on cleaning the tank every 10 days;
5. All kinds of protection devices are inspected once a month by specialized management personnel;
6. Check and sample the emulsion every month for testing.
7. Correct the pressure value of the unloading valve and accumulator of the pump station once a month.
Article 3 Pump station maintenance workers must perform routine maintenance in accordance with the following maintenance items:
1. Check whether the operation and sound of each valve group are normal.
2. Check whether the moving parts of each connection are loose, oil quality and oil temperature.
3. Check whether the motor runs smoothly, whether the bearing temperature is normal, and whether the cable connection is firm and reliable.
4. Whether the pipelines are unstacked or broken.
5. Whether the pressure and flow of the pumping station are normal.
6, check the unloading valve action sound is normal, the unloading valve action pressure value is guaranteed to be the prescribed unloading pressure.
7. Check the high-pressure valve and accumulator for oil pollution and leakage.
8. Check the wear and lubrication of the reducer, crankcase, bearing, slider, plunger.
9. Check if the filter is clean and intact, and if all parts are well lubricated.
Article 4 The dust on the switch, the motor, the pump body and the emulsion tank should be wiped out when the work is finished.
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