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Emulsion pump station driver safe operating regulations 2019

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Emulsion pump station driver safety operation regulations <br /> Article 1 Emulsion pump station driver must be trained, after passing the exam, he can work with a certificate. Otherwise, you cannot be employed.
Article 2 After the driver takes over, put the control switch handle in the power-off position and lock it, and check it according to the following requirements. If the check does not meet the requirements, it shall be dealt with in time:
1. Safety situation of pumping station and nearby roadway and whether there is water dripping.
2. Cleanliness and sanitation of various equipment at the pumping station.
3. Whether the connecting bolts of all components are complete and firm, especially check the plunger of the pump and the screws of the cover.
4. Whether the oil level and seal of the reducer meet the requirements.
5. Whether the pipe joint from the pumping station to the working surface is secure and leaking.
6. Whether the handles of each shut-off valve are flexible and reliable, whether the oil suction valve, unloading valve and working surface return valve are in the open position, whether the shut-off valve supplying liquid to the working surface is in the closed position, and whether the various pressure gauges are complete, complete and act Sensitive.
7. Use a refractometer to check whether the concentration ratio of the emulsified liquid meets the requirements, it must be between 3 and 5%, and whether the liquid level is at the height position marked on the liquid tank.
8. Whether the ventilation cover on the emulsion tank and reducer is unblocked.
9. Whether the motor, coupling and pump head can be rotated flexibly by hand.
Article 3 After the above inspections meet the requirements, the air in the suction chamber is exhausted and the liquid is screwed out. Close the control switch and jog the motor to check whether the rotation direction of the pump is consistent with the direction of the arrow mark on the casing. Start the motor, gradually increase the pump pressure to the specified value, and then check it according to the following requirements, and solve the problem in time:
1. Whether the pump runs smoothly and the sound is normal;
2. Whether the opening and closing pressure of the unloading valve and safety valve meet the requirements;
3. Whether the indication of the pressure gauge is normal and accurate;
4. Whether the plunger lubrication is good;
5. Whether the joints and seals are tight and without dripping;
6. Control whether the buttons, signals and communication devices are sensitive and reliable.
Article 4 During the operation, pay attention to the following matters, find any problems, contact the work surface in time, and stop the pump for processing.
1. Whether the various meters display normally;
2. Whether the machine sound is normal;
3. Whether the temperature of the pump body and the motor exceeds the limit;
4. Whether the liquid level in the emulsion tank is kept within the specified range;
5. Whether the plunger is lubricated and the seal is good;
Article 5 implements the following provisions during operation:
1. When repairing or replacing the main liquid supply pipeline, stop the pump and close the shut-off valve of the main pipeline. It is forbidden to repair or replace various hydraulic parts under pressure.
2. When the liquid in the emulsion tank is at the specified lower limit, a special container should be used for manual liquid dispensing. When mixing liquid, mix the emulsion with water, and do not mix water with emulsified oil.
3. Do not open the lead seal of the unloading valve, safety valve, accumulator and other components without authorization and adjust the operating pressure of the component.
4. Under no circumstances must the shut-off valve of the pump station be closed.
5. The emulsion must be prepared in a special barrel. After each solution, the concentration of the emulsion must be checked with a refractometer. If it does not meet the requirements, it must be prepared until the requirements are met.
6. Except when the contactor contacts are stuck, the isolation switch can be used to stop the pump. In other cases, only the button can be used to stop the pump.
Article 6 Strictly enforce the following provisions upon completion:
1. Stop the pump immediately after receiving the command from the squad leader to stop the pump and stop the pump, and set the control valves to the non-working position.
2. Clean the dust on the switch, motor, pump body and emulsion tank;
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