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Inspection and commissioning of emulsion pump station before coal mine resumption

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                • Emulsion pump station inspection, commissioning, pumps that have been stopped for a long time, should first check all parts for damage, freezing and rust, and whether the seal is intact. Check it carefully.
                  Check whether the components of the system are intact, whether the joints are loose, whether the pressure gauge is damaged, whether the liquid supply filter is blocked, etc., and clean the dirt.
                  The pump station should be placed as horizontally as possible. Lubricant is injected into the crankcase to the green line on the oil level of the oil level, and the compartment oil tank of the pump is filled with lubricating oil.
                  When the coupling is moved by hand, it should rotate flexibly without abnormal jamming.
                  The emulsification ratio of the emulsion pump station must reach 3% -5%.
                  After confirming that the above preparations and inspections are completed, you can jog the switch and observe that the motor rotation should be consistent with the arrow mark on the pump, otherwise correction should be made.
                  After confirming that the motor is turning correctly, it should run for at least 10 minutes.
                  In the future, the pressure regulating screw of the unloading valve is tightened from low to high pressure regulation to the rated pressure. Strict attention should be paid to the working conditions of the pump and the system, and the pulsation of the pipeline. Once an abnormal situation is found, it should be stopped immediately.
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