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Drilling construction measures for coal bunker of reverse well rig

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                      • I. Project Overview
                        According to the construction plan determined by the construction organization design of the coal bunker project in the 430 mining area of Xuchang Coal Mine, the central guide hole of the coal bunker was constructed using a reverse drilling rig.
                        In order to ensure the drilling quality of the patio rig, ensure the normal operation of the rig, complete the construction tasks safely and smoothly, give full play to the mechanical properties of the patio rig, and ensure that the construction personnel make good use of the patio rig to prevent personal and mechanical accidents, this measure is specially formulated.
                        Location of drilling holes in Yancoal Bin
                        The upper hole of the drill hole of the coal bunker in the 430 mining area is located at the bottom of the belt in the 430 mining area. The two drilling centers are 35m apart, and the clear height of the roadway at the top of the drilling is 4.25m.
                        The drilling depth of No. 1 coal bunker is 19.4m, and the drilling depth of No. 2 coal bunker is 25.5m.

                        2. Construction quality requirements: The drilling foundation shall be constructed by the mine. It is required that the foundation must be on hard rock, and its foundation size is 2200 2000 500mm, and the drilling cross line is marked.
                        ⒉Drilling quality requirements:
                        ⑴The diameter of the drill hole is 200mm, and the diameter of the final hole is 1000mm.
                        实际 The actual deviation of drilling is less than or equal to 2%.

                        Construction techniques and methods : Construction preparations:
                        ⒈ Provide the 35mm2 cable to the site 5 meters from the mine, install a 350A feeder switch; lay 600㎜ rail gauge railway at not less than 10m at the upper mouth of the coal bunker, and irrigate the foundation of the drill rig, and install lifting bolts; Remove the anchor beam at the lower entrance of the coal bunker.
                        ⒉The water pipe is connected to the site 5 meters, the diameter of the water pipe is φ50, and the water pressure is 10kgf / cm2.
                        尺寸 Transport route size requirements:
                        The roadway through which the rig passes must not be less than 1.5m 1.8m (width height), the most prominent part of the facilities in the roadway is not less than 500mm from the track, and the radius of curvature of the track is greater than 12m. When it is less than 12m, it must be manually transported with hoists. Motor locomotives are strictly prohibited contradict.
                        ⒋Transport routes and methods:
                        Auxiliary well—empty line at the bottom of the depot—park detour—430 mining area construction road—430 return wind downhill top yard—1 # Lianxiang Lane (two air dampers) —430 belt downhill—430 belt assisted uphill—430 coal mine upper mouth drill The hole equipment is loaded with flat-bed trucks, the electric locomotive in the flat lane section and manual transportation; down the mountain, two 55kw dispatch winches are relayed to the belt to assist the mountain. Large-scale equipment is only allowed to lift one flat-bed truck at a time.
                        According to the site survey, the height of the two dampers and the over-speed hanging beam of the 1 # contact lane cannot meet the transportation conditions of the drilling equipment. The following measures must be taken: two anchor rods are used to suspend the manual hoist on the roof of the roadway on both sides of the damper, and the hoist is lifted by the manual hoist. Creep through the damper; remove it when the downhill transport passes the overspeed suspension beam, and resume installation immediately after passing.
                        ⒌Strictly check the integrity of the main engine, hydraulic station, drill pipe and other vehicles before transporting the rig.
                        ⒍ In order to prevent grounding accidents caused by large equipment touching overhead lines during transportation, the upper part of the equipment is covered with a belt as an insulation layer. If the height of the equipment exceeds the height of the overhead line, the mine dispatching room must be notified to coordinately cut off the overhead line power before transportation.
                        7. Installation and dismantling of the rig: Check whether the basic dimensions are acceptable, and then install them after passing.
                        ⑵ Check whether the support is good and the height of the roof is not less than 3400 mm.
                        (3) The hydraulic station, the drill rod car, and the host are in place in order. Locate according to the cross point provided by the miner, fix the host, and attach the rail clamp.
                        ⑷ The host leveled and corrected.
                        ⑸Turn on all the oil pipes and turn on the power for 5-10 minutes for normal operation before standing up.
                        When the ⑹ rig is dismantled, the main engine is brought down and the power is removed. The oil pipe is then loaded on the truck. After being sealed, it is transported by the mine.
                        ㈡Drilling process⒈The following measures need to be taken to open the hole when opening:
                        扶 Use a bracing tool to straighten the drill rod to shovel the hole, and then use a small shaft pressure to open the hole at a slow speed.
                        中 During the hole-opening process, the rock in the hole should be cleaned in time, and the drill bit should be lifted up and down intermittently to scan the hole. At the same time, it should also be measured in time. Allows drilling to continue at an oblique bore.
                        (3) After the opening depth reaches 0.5m, the axial pressure can be increased and the rotation speed can be increased as appropriate. After the drilling depth exceeds 3 meters, it can be drilled according to normal parameters.
                        ⒉Advanced drilling:
                        ⑴ Control the deflection rate within 1%, and the axial pressure can be controlled within the range of 13-18t (the pressure gauge shows that the pressure is 5.1-7.3Mpa), and the soft rock is controlled at 4.0
                        Below Mpa. Generally, among 1 to 16 drill rods shorted near the drill bit, 2 guide drill rods are appropriately added, and one guide drill rod is added every 10 meters in the future. When loading and unloading the drill pipe, the drill pipe should be clamped with a clamp and a plug board.
                        保证 It is necessary to ensure that the amount of slag discharge water is not less than 40m3 / h, and the water pressure is generally controlled at about 20kg / cm2 to prevent block holes. When the drilling depth exceeds 20 meters, after each drill pipe is drilled, it is necessary to stop the slag discharge for 1-2 minutes. If it is found that the slag discharge is abnormal, it needs to be handled in time.
                        (3) To protect the door, do not fall into metal objects. If abnormal sound is found during drilling, stop drilling. If there is a metal object in the hole, it can be sucked up with a magnet.
                        ⑷ When drilling, the screw jack of the base should be tightened frequently to keep the fuselage balanced and work normally.
                        When pushing the drill pipe, the advance speed should be strictly controlled to avoid damaging the wire buckle.
                        ⑹ When drilling a pilot hole, the drilling speed must be determined according to the softness and hardness of the rock formation. Avoid fast drilling in soft rock, otherwise, the drill bit will be stuck.
                        After the patio is drilled through, remove the drill bit and short drill pipe with chain pliers in the lower part of the patio, install the reaming cutter head, and expand the hole according to the following requirements.
                        ⑴The lower working face of the patio to be expanded should be level to ensure that the rig and the drilling tool are well stressed.
                        ⑵ When starting the reaming, it is necessary to reasonably control the pulling force and the speed to prevent the deviation and the hob from being damaged. After all the hobs on the cutter head have contacted the rock, they can switch to normal drilling.
                        (3) The upper drill rod should strictly control the speed and advancement speed of the drilling rig, avoid damage to the wire buckle, check the drill rod threads and the lower jaw wheel guide sleeve pattern frequently, and do not use unsuitable threads to avoid tripping and cause rod fall accidents. When loading and unloading the drill pipe, use the special insert plate to fork the drill pipe near the chassis and use a clamp. Remember to tighten the machine head before drilling and reaming. During reaming, the drill pipe must not be reversed.
                        ⑷ If the drill pipe cannot be removed by the rotary box alone, it can be used with an auxiliary unloader, and the method cannot be used to unrestrictively increase the oil pressure of the oil motor. Do not impact the unloading rod back and forth to avoid damaging the drill.
                        使用 When used in coal mines, the reaming should use 8-10kg / cm2 of pressure water to cool the cutter head and the cutter to avoid sparks when the cutter cuts the rock formation, and implement water first, then drill, stop drilling, then stop water. Measures.
                        后 After the lead hole is opened, remove the drill bit with a special unloading tool in the lower part of the patio, then contact the driver with a sound signal to connect the driver, and connect the reaming drill bit. The signal is as follows:
                        1 beep-stop; 2 beeps-lifter 3 beeps-down
                        4 beeps-the motor is rotating 5 beeps-the motor is rotating 6 beeps-the wire is connected
                        (7) After the drilling construction is completed, the upper opening is closed with steel plates and road wood, and the lower opening is closed with anchors, steel mesh and spraying to prevent the vermiculite from falling through the drilling and hurting people.
                        4. Labor organization <br /> Adopt the "38" system, with two rig drivers per shift, one driver, one deputy driver, one electrician and one porter.
                        V. Safety Precautions for Operation 操作 All types of work must be operated in accordance with the operating rules of the patio rig.
                        非 Non-drivers are strictly prohibited from operating the rig. When the rig driver operates the rig, other personnel are not allowed to tamper with the switch and handle. The rig driver is not allowed to leave the operation platform during the drilling operation.
                        ⒊ When operating the rig, the driver should focus on his energy, avoid joking and joke, and avoid misoperation. The driver should cooperate closely with the driller, especially when connecting (or removing) the drill pipe. It is clear that drivers are strictly prohibited from driving.
                        上 When the drill pipe is being loaded and unloaded and the rig chassis is overhauled, if the machine head is not supported, workers are not allowed to enter the lower part of the machine head to prevent the machine head from falling and hurting people.
                        ⒌ When a driller is connecting rods or fixing the plug-in board, it is absolutely not allowed to put his hands under the plug-in board to prevent hurting his hands.
                        ⒍ When drilling, carefully check whether the drill pipe is qualified and whether there is any dirt in the drill pipe. Unqualified drill pipes are never allowed to be used.
                        ⒎During the drilling process, especially when drilling advanced holes, water must be opened first, then drilled, first stopped, then stopped, and no water is found. Drilling is absolutely not allowed.
                        时 When the advanced hole is approaching the end of the hole, it should be drilled under reduced pressure appropriately, and the mine should be notified to arrange personnel to stand on guard, and the personnel should not be allowed to pass, so as to prevent accidents caused by dropping drill or dropping rock residue.
                        ⒐ When drilling advanced holes, you should carefully observe the spitting in the hole for each section of drill pipe. When changing the rock layer, timely adjust the pressure of the drilling rig and find that the spitting should be stopped immediately. Handle to prevent burrow or drilling deviation.
                        ⒑Each section of drill pipe must be connected with iron wire in time, otherwise no additional drill pipe is allowed.
                        ⒒ When drilling and expanding, it is strictly forbidden to work or stay within 10 meters of the entrance, and to set up guards or place warning signs at a safe place 10 meters away from the expansion site to prevent injuries.
                        工作 Before the reaming, the working surface under the patio must be flat (within the range of φ1.2m). It is forbidden to expand the hole in the case of high and low working surfaces to prevent damage to the tools and drill rods.
                        ⒔ At the beginning of the reaming, slow and low axial pressure is required. When the depth of reaming reaches 0.5m or more, normal drilling can be performed. When drilling, cooling water, tools and dust must be turned on.
                        The personnel in the lower part of the patio should pay attention to prevent the broken rod, the reaming blade from falling down or the slag from being injured. No personnel are allowed to enter the lower part of the patio while the rig is working.
                        压 The pressure regulation of the pumping station should be eased. At this time, the machine should stop advancing. After the adjustment, it should be jogged and continue to advance normally.
                        ⒗The oil pump should be started at no load, low pressure, and idled for about 10 minutes, and then officially drilled. When the machine is stopped, the pressure must be released first, and the pressure should not be adjusted when the oil cylinder is running.
                        合理 Reasonably control the cooling water of the pumping station, keep the oil temperature of the pumping station not more than 60 C, and generally keep it below 45 C. Generally, the oil should be replaced with new oil after 500 hours of operation, and the cooler should be cleaned regularly (each hole is drilled). Dirt and oil change in the fuel tank. Do not allow water to enter the fuel tank.
                        检查 Before drilling, check whether each hydraulic part is flexible and easy to use.
                        ⒚ After work, idling for 15min, draining the rock hoe, then using a plug board to hold the drill pipe, and finally cut off the power.
                        后 After the drilling operation is completed, all the oil cylinders must be retracted to their original positions. When the rig is being transported, the hydraulic pipe joints must be wrapped.
                        twenty one. When drilling an advanced hole, if it is found that the teeth of the drill bit drop out and cause abnormal sounds, flush the bottom rock powder, lift the drill rod, pick up the alloy with a magnet, and replace the drill bit for drilling.
                        twenty two. When reaming, if the drilling surface is found to be vibrating severely, the drill will make abnormal sounds, and the footage will be slow, lower the reaming bit for inspection, and replace the broken hob if necessary.
                        twenty three. Treatment of broken rod failure:
                        ⑴ salvage tap; ⑵ assisted by hand hoist, reconnect.
                        twenty four. After each well is drilled, the drill pipe must be inspected once, and the drill pipe with cracks and internal injuries must be singled out and should not be reused.
                        25. The oil motor must be carefully maintained, and each shift must be idling for 5-10 minutes before normal drilling, and its oil pressure should not be less than 6kg / cm2.
                        26. Keep the oil level and the center height of the oil pump inlet of the large pump not less than 500mm. Before starting the oil pump, unload the relief valve, wait for the pump to operate normally, and then adjust the working pressure. If there is vibration and noise, stop the analysis and find Handle faults to prevent sick work.
                        27. It is strictly prohibited to drive the oil pump in reverse. Before the first start-up, the pump housing should be filled with oil through the oil inlet before driving.
                        28. Regulations on the oil pressure used by the rig:
                        Main pump system: The oil motor is generally 80-200kg / cm2, and the maximum is not more than 250 kg / cm2.
                        Auxiliary pump system: Generally, it should be maintained at 60-150kg / cm2, and the highest should not exceed 220 kg / cm2.
                        Auxiliary pump system: generally should be maintained at 60-150kg / cm2, and the maximum should not exceed 220 kg /
                        cm2, when the rod is removed, the maximum is not more than 300 kg / cm2.
                        29. Drilling motor speed requirements:
                        The leading hole is 36-40 rpm and the reaming is 17-20 rpm. During normal operation, the speed can be appropriately reduced, but it cannot be increased.
                        30. Before drilling, the final hole is centered from the eyes, and the grid beam or anchor must be removed within 1.2m in diameter to avoid damage to the drill bit.
                        31. When operating the robot, no one should be on either side.
                        32. Within the working range of drilling operators, the support must be firm and reliable, and the original support should be reinforced if necessary.
                        33. Strictly implement the power outage system. Electricians must send someone to take care of the power switch when they are operating. Without the personal instructions of the electrician, the person who cares for the switch must prohibit anyone from transmitting power. During the drilling of the rig, do not power off at will, otherwise the equipment will be damaged.
                        34. The power supply scheme must not be changed without authorization, and the electrical appliances and cables must be intact to prevent explosion.
                        35. It is necessary to establish a transfer shift system and rig work records, and to deal with problems in the shift in a timely manner. When the shift cannot be processed, the transfer to the next shift must be detailed.
                        36. Before reaming, the mine should be notified, and the mine should be required to do the chopping and alert coordination of Xiaping Lane together.
                        37. Underground personnel must strictly implement coal mine safety regulations and operating procedures, and strictly implement the mine's regulations on safety, transportation, and pedestrian power supply.
                        38. Construction personnel must be familiar with the upper and lower shaft routes. When riding a car, they must consciously abide by the riding regulations. They can only go up and down after the car stops. It is strictly forbidden to climb and run the pedestrian and other vehicles.
                        39. All downhole staff should be familiar with pedestrian routes and disaster avoidance routes accompanied by the mine personnel. Never go into the well after drinking.
                        40. For other outstanding matters, the "Coal Mine Safety Regulations" shall be implemented.
                        41. All construction personnel must learn this measure before entering the construction site before entering the construction site.
                        six. Precautions for improving transportation safety
                        1. The winch driver, hooker, and signal worker must undergo strict training, pass the examination, obtain a certificate, and be able to act alone.
                        2. All types of work must carefully check the intactness and fixation of various equipment, whether the connection device, steel wire rope, security rope is intact, and whether the various signal buttons are sensitive. Only after confirming that they are correct can construction be carried out. It is strictly forbidden to operate the equipment with diseases. On-site handover.
                        3. In the process of transportation, when the vehicle goes down, it must strictly follow the relevant regulations for the vehicle to go off track and re-track. It's strictly forbidden to pull on the road, and it is forbidden to use a winch to re-track. When handling an accident down the mountain, it is strictly forbidden to stand under or inside the vehicle.
                        4. During the lifting of the vehicle, the hooker must carefully check the fixation of the connection device, and find out that the problem is dealt with in a timely manner. Only after confirming that there is no problem can the lifter be lifted.
                        5. The driver of the winch shall strictly follow the signal sent by the signalman before driving and stopping, and shall not be replaced by a password or other signals. Do not drive if the signal is not clear.
                        6. It is strictly forbidden for pedestrians and minecarts to be forced on all curved sections of the track.
                        7. It is strictly forbidden to carry people during downhill transportation, and it is strictly forbidden to pick up the car and kick the hook.
                        8, down the mountain strictly implement the "driving without pedestrians, pedestrians without driving" system.
                        9. Before going down the mountain each time, the hooker must be aware of the lifting materials and other things, and pay close attention to the running status of the vehicle. When he finds an abnormality, he will immediately stop and lift, and rush to the scene first and come up with a handling opinion.
                        10. During the lifting period, various safety facilities must be used normally in accordance with regulations, and their integrity is often checked.
                        11. After the signalman sends out a signal, he must pay close attention to the running state of the vehicle. When he finds an abnormality, he should immediately stop and stop. After the cause is found, the signal is re-issued.
                        12. The off-hook worker must frequently check and confirm that there is no problem with the connection device before sending the signal and entering the shelter.
                        13. The off-hook workers must wait for the car to stop before they can be off-hook. The off-hook is strictly prohibited.
                        14. It is strictly forbidden to exceed the regulations.
                        15. The winch must be operated with electricity. It is strictly forbidden to let the car fly and to stop suddenly and loosely.
                        16. The rear of the car must be used in strict accordance with regulations.
                        17. Requirements for drilling, loading, and unloading equipment using cart trays:
                        (1) The used car plate must be strictly inspected before use. It can be used only when there is no problem, and it is not allowed to use it without inspection.
                        (2) When loading the pallet, you must first place the stow on the pallet. The size of the stow is length width thickness = 1000 120 100mm. The center of gravity of the installed equipment should be as close as possible to the center of gravity of the pallet.
                        (3) After the equipment is installed on the pallet, the water pump must be sealed firmly with 3 sealing ropes. The sealing rope adopts a new steel wire rope with a single strand diameter of 15.5mm or more, and each sealing rope is no less than 2 turns and tightly marked, and then tightened with a wooden wedge.
                        (4) During loading and unloading, a safe place must be selected for hoisting. The hoist must be fixed on a special lifting anchor or lifting beam. The hoist operating personnel must leave the equipment directly below to prevent the hoist from slipping or Injury due to inadequate fixing.
                        (5) Before lifting, you must knock on the lifting site, remove live rocks, and fasten the anchor rod within 5 meters of the lifting site. At the same time, you must carefully check whether the chain hoist used for lifting has slip chains, lifting Whether the heavy chain is damaged and whether the hoisting weight meets the requirements. Trial lifting must be performed before lifting. First, lift the equipment 100mm away from the bottom plate, check the condition of the lifting anchor rod and the lifting rope sleeve, and carry out the lifting operation after inspection without problems.
                        (6) When picking up the trailer at each transport yard, the hooker must be carefully inspected. If unqualified items such as loose sealing ropes are not secure, the equipment is skewed, and the equipment is skewed, ultra-high, or ultra-wide, etc., they must be reprocessed before transportation.
                        (8) During the transportation of equipment trays, when manpower pushing carts, people must pay attention to the front. When approaching turnouts, bends, dampers, and someone in front, they must give out a siren. Manpower carts are only allowed to push one cart at a time, and carts on both sides of the mine cart are strictly prohibited. When multiple people push in the same direction, the distance should not be less than 10m. Pushers are not allowed to pedal, and are not allowed to use gunpowder. They must bring a miner's lamp and always pay attention to the front.
                        (9) When the equipment passes through the damper, it must “open one and close one”, and it is not allowed to open two dampers at the same time to avoid air leakage; after passing the damper, close the damper immediately, and it is strictly prohibited to hit the damper with a car.
                        (10) When the car plate is dropped in the middle of the road, it is strictly forbidden to have a curved rope, and all personnel are not allowed under the car plate. When re-tracking, the personnel must be on both sides and have a special person to guard the signal. Re-tracking is performed using the "leverage method" or "hoist hoisting method". After the re-tracking, check the car plate. After there is no problem, you can drive by signal. . It is strictly forbidden to use the winch to drag the rerail, and if necessary, unload the equipment and rerail.
                        (11) The equipment must be unloaded at the designated place. Pay attention to protect the water pipes, cables and equipment when unloading the equipment to prevent damage.
                        18. Requirements for use of chain hoist:
                        (1) Before using hoist hoisting equipment, the hoist must be inspected. Check whether all parts are complete, flexible and reliable. The small chain pawl and guard are complete and intact, and you can use it after finding out the problem in time. Do not use chain hoists that cannot be self-locking.
                        (2) Fixing method of chain hoist when lifting equipment:
                        On the roof of the roadway supported by anchor shotcreting or anchor net, special lifting bolts are hit. There are no less than two lifting bolts, the anchoring force of the lifting bolt is not less than 5 tons, and it is lifted with the anchor tray and the wire rope sleeve. The diameter of the wire rope sleeve is not less than 15.5mm and made with new rope. The strength of the steel wire rope sleeve and connecting members used for lifting is not less than 6.5 times of the equipment and heavy objects.
                        (3) The following regulations must be observed when lifting equipment:
                        a. The weight of the lifting equipment must meet the requirements of the nameplate of the hoist. It is strictly prohibited to use the hoist to lift more than the weight specified on the nameplate.
                        b. The choice of lifting place must be a well-supported, safe and reliable place. It is strictly forbidden to choose a place where the roadway is in disrepair. Must be selected by district, team leader, or class, team leader, and experienced veteran.
                        c. When hoisting, two people must carry out, one person inspects and directs, and one person operates. One person is strictly prohibited. No one is allowed under heavy objects. Zipper (operating) personnel must stand on the other side of the heavy object to prevent the heavy object from falling and hurting the person. The personnel responsible for commanding and inspecting must pay close attention to the safety situation during the hoisting process, promptly remind and instruct the operating personnel, and stop the operation as soon as danger is found. After the danger is eliminated, hoisting is performed.
                        d. When lifting the equipment up or down the mountain, no one should be under it, and personnel should stand on the upper side of the equipment to operate the hoist. And stop the transportation within the hoisting area.
                        e. During operation, pull the chain down evenly and try to avoid impact. Care should be taken when loosening the chain to prevent the chain hoist from malfunctioning and causing the pump to sink suddenly.
                        f. If one of the following situations is found during the lifting process, the lifting must be stopped immediately and the lifting equipment shall be lowered for handling.
                        ① During lifting, the support is deformed, the lifting anchor has cracks, the brace is broken, the top plate is broken, and the wire rope sleeve is broken;
                        ②Sliding, loosening of lifting chain, slipping of bracelet, pawl;
                        ③ The lifting is abnormally heavy, and the hoisting hoist works abnormally;
                        ④ The hoisting equipment and heavy objects are unstable, rotating and swaying.
                        g. When hoisting or unloading the mine cart or cart, the mine cart or cart must be covered with wooden wedges in the level lane; when the inclined lane is lifted, the hoist must be lifted and the gourd chain must be fastened, and the personnel must avoid In the nearest shelter, then loosen the minecart or cart under the weight, and wait for the car to stop before personnel can load or unload the weight. Winch drivers are strictly prohibited from leaving their posts during crane loading and unloading.
                        VII. Disaster avoidance route (1) Fire avoidance route Coal warehouse upper entrance — 430 belt assisted uphill — 430 belt downhill — belt downhill yard — 430 return wind downhill — return wind downhill yard — 430 construction road — bottom floor yard Lane—waiting room—auxiliary well—ground (2) Waterproof route coal bunker upper entrance—430 belt assisted uphill—430 belt downhill—belt downhill 1 # Contact lane—return wind downhill top yard—430 construction road—bottom yard parking Alley—waiting room—auxiliary well—ground
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