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Safety precautions for patio rig operation

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Safety precautions for patio rig operation ⒈ For various types of operations, operations must be performed in accordance with the requirements of patio rig operation regulations.
非 Non-drivers are strictly prohibited from operating the rig. When the rig driver operates the rig, other personnel are not allowed to tamper with the switch and handle. The rig driver is not allowed to leave the operation platform during the drilling operation.
⒊ When operating the rig, the driver should focus on his energy, avoid joking and joke, and avoid misoperation. The driver should cooperate closely with the driller, especially when connecting (or removing) the drill pipe. It is clear that drivers are strictly prohibited from driving.
上 When the drill pipe is being loaded and unloaded and the rig chassis is overhauled, if the machine head is not supported, workers are not allowed to enter the lower part of the machine head to prevent the machine head from falling and hurting people.
⒌ When a driller is connecting rods or fixing the plug-in board, it is absolutely not allowed to put his hands under the plug-in board to prevent hurting his hands.
⒍ When drilling, carefully check whether the drill pipe is qualified and whether there is any dirt in the drill pipe. Unqualified drill pipes are never allowed to be used.
⒎During the drilling process, especially when drilling advanced holes, water must be opened first, then drilled, first stopped, then stopped, and no water is found. Drilling is absolutely not allowed.
时 When the advanced hole is approaching the end of the hole, it should be drilled under reduced pressure appropriately, and the mine should be notified to arrange personnel to stand on guard, and the personnel should not be allowed to pass, so as to prevent accidents caused by dropping drill or dropping rock residue.
⒐ When drilling advanced holes, you should carefully observe the spitting in the hole for each section of drill pipe. When changing the rock layer, timely adjust the pressure of the drilling rig and find that the spitting should be stopped immediately. Handle to prevent burrow or drilling deviation.
⒑Each section of drill pipe must be connected with iron wire in time, otherwise no additional drill pipe is allowed.
⒒ When drilling and expanding, it is strictly forbidden to work or stay within 10 meters of the entrance, and to set up guards or place warning signs at a safe place 10 meters away from the expansion site to prevent injuries.
工作 Before the reaming, the working surface under the patio must be flat (within the range of φ1.2m). It is forbidden to expand the hole in the case of high and low working surfaces to prevent damage to the tools and drill rods.
⒔ At the beginning of the reaming, slow and low axial pressure is required. When the depth of reaming reaches 0.5m or more, normal drilling can be performed. When drilling, cooling water, tools and dust must be turned on.
The personnel in the lower part of the patio should pay attention to prevent the broken rod, the reaming blade from falling down or the slag from being injured. No personnel are allowed to enter the lower part of the patio while the rig is working.
压 The pressure regulation of the pumping station should be eased. At this time, the machine should stop advancing. After the adjustment, it should be jogged and continue to advance normally.
⒗The oil pump should be started at no load, low pressure, and idled for about 10 minutes, and then officially drilled. When the machine is stopped, the pressure must be released first, and the pressure should not be adjusted when the oil cylinder is running.
合理 Reasonably control the cooling water of the pumping station, keep the oil temperature of the pumping station not more than 60 C, and generally keep it below 45 C. Generally, the oil should be replaced with new oil after 500 hours of operation, and the cooler should be cleaned regularly (each hole is drilled). Dirt and oil change in the fuel tank. Do not allow water to enter the fuel tank.
检查 Before drilling, check whether each hydraulic part is flexible and easy to use.
⒚ After work, idling for 15min, draining the rock hoe, then using a plug board to hold the drill pipe, and finally cut off the power.
后 After the drilling operation is completed, all the oil cylinders must be retracted to their original positions. When the rig is being transported, the hydraulic pipe joints must be wrapped.
twenty one. When drilling an advanced hole, if it is found that the teeth of the drill bit drop out and cause abnormal sounds, flush the bottom rock powder, lift the drill rod, pick up the alloy with a magnet, and replace the drill bit for drilling.
twenty two. When reaming, if the drilling surface is found to be vibrating severely, the drill will make abnormal sounds, and the footage will be slow, lower the reaming bit for inspection, and replace the broken hob if necessary.
twenty three. Treatment of broken rod failure:
⑴ salvage tap; ⑵ assisted by hand hoist, reconnect.
twenty four. After each well is drilled, the drill pipe must be inspected once, and the drill pipe with cracks and internal injuries must be singled out and should not be reused.
25. The oil motor must be carefully maintained, and each shift must be idling for 5-10 minutes before normal drilling, and its oil pressure should not be less than 6kg / cm2.
26. Keep the oil level and the center height of the oil pump inlet of the large pump not less than 500mm. Before starting the oil pump, unload the relief valve, wait for the pump to operate normally, and then adjust the working pressure. If there is vibration and noise, stop the analysis and find Handle faults to prevent sick work.
27. It is strictly prohibited to drive the oil pump in reverse. Before the first start-up, the pump housing should be filled with oil through the oil inlet before driving.
28. Regulations on the oil pressure used by the rig:
Main pump system: The oil motor is generally 80-200kg / cm2, and the maximum is not more than 250 kg / cm2.
Auxiliary pump system: Generally, it should be maintained at 60-150kg / cm2, and the highest should not exceed 220 kg / cm2.
Auxiliary pump system: generally should be maintained at 60-150kg / cm2, and the maximum should not exceed 220 kg /
cm2, when the rod is removed, the maximum is not more than 300 kg / cm2.
29. Drilling motor speed requirements:
The leading hole is 36-40 rpm and the reaming is 17-20 rpm. During normal operation, the speed can be appropriately reduced, but it cannot be increased.
30. Before drilling, the final hole is centered from the eyes, and the grid beam or anchor must be removed within 1.2m in diameter to avoid damage to the drill bit.
31. When operating the robot, no one should be on either side.
32. Within the working range of drilling operators, the support must be firm and reliable, and the original support should be reinforced if necessary.
33. Strictly implement the power outage system. Electricians must send someone to take care of the power switch when they are operating. Without the personal instructions of the electrician, the person who cares for the switch must prohibit anyone from transmitting power. During the drilling of the rig, do not power off at will, otherwise the equipment will be damaged.
34. The power supply scheme must not be changed without authorization, and the electrical appliances and cables must be intact to prevent explosion.
35. It is necessary to establish a transfer shift system and rig work records, and to deal with problems in the shift in a timely manner. When the shift cannot be processed, the transfer to the next shift must be detailed.
36. Before reaming, the mine should be notified, and the mine should be required to do the chopping and alert coordination of Xiaping Lane together.
37. Underground personnel must strictly implement coal mine safety regulations and operating procedures, and strictly implement the mine's regulations on safety, transportation, and pedestrian power supply.
38. Construction personnel must be familiar with the upper and lower shaft routes. When riding a car, they must consciously abide by the riding regulations. They can only go up and down after the car stops. It is strictly forbidden to climb and run the pedestrian and other vehicles.
39. All downhole staff should be familiar with pedestrian routes and disaster avoidance routes accompanied by the mine personnel. Never go into the well after drinking.
40. For other outstanding matters, the "Coal Mine Safety Regulations" shall be implemented.
41. All construction personnel must learn this measure before entering the construction site before entering the construction site.
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