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Advantages of patio rig construction: safe, fast, and good quality

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The advantages of patio rig construction: safe, fast, and good quality.

(1) Construction safety. Compared with other patio construction methods, during the construction of the patio rig, workers do not need to enter the working surface for drilling, charging and temporary support. The workers are in the upper part of the environment and safety conditions, and the construction personnel are no longer It is harmed by falling rocks, water spray and harmful gas, which avoids the whole accident.

(2) High work efficiency. The construction of the patio rig is a mechanized continuous operation, which is fast and 5-10 times more efficient than other construction methods. Created good conditions for later construction, and its comprehensive benefits are significant.

(3) The quality of the project is good. The patio rig uses hob cutter to break the rock, which has less damage to the surrounding rock and smooth shaft wall, which is beneficial to the expansion of slag, ventilation and drainage. The patio constructed by the patio rig can be used directly. It does not need to be brushed like the patio constructed by artificial explosion method, and the edge after the explosion is to be processed in order to realize the use function. Taking a ventilation shaft as an example, the small wind resistance coefficient can greatly reduce the power of the exhaust motor and save a lot of electricity costs.

(4) Low labor intensity. Patio drilling rig adopts hydraulic transmission control, easy operation and low labor intensity.

(5) Low maintenance costs. The quality of well formation is good, and it will not cause vibration to the surrounding rock like the blasting method, and will not damage the geological structure of the surrounding rock. No subsequent maintenance costs.

(6) Save the cost of mining. The middle section of existing mines in China is generally 50 meters. If a patio rig is used for construction, the well can be completed 200 to 400 meters at a time, which can greatly save the cost of preparing the roadway. If the patio is 400 meters, the construction cost of 6 preparation laneways can be saved.
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