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Classification of Patio Rigs

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Classification of Patio Rigs

Although there are many types of patio rigs, patio rigs can be divided into three categories according to the main drilling processes such as the rig installation position, pilot hole and reaming drilling direction:

In the first type, the patio drilling rig is installed on the upper level, and the pilot hole is drilled from the upper level to the lower level. The pilot hole bit is disassembled from the lower level, and the reaming drill bit is used to ream from the bottom to the top.

In the second category, the patio drilling rig is installed at the lower level, and the pilot hole is drilled upward from the lower level. The pilot drill bit is disassembled at the upper level, connected with the reaming bit, and reamed from top to bottom.

In the third category, the patio drilling rig is installed at the lower level and drills horizontally from the lower level to the full fracture surface. The hole is formed at one time without a pilot hole.

Table 2 is a comparison of these three types of patio rigs, and their differences and advantages and disadvantages can be further seen. At present, all three types of China's patio rigs are used, such as the LM series developed by the Beijing Construction Well Research Institute, the AF series developed by the Nanjing Coal Research Institute, the AT and TYZ series developed by the Changsha Mine Research Institute, and the 83RM introduced from the United States. -HE type and RHINO1000 type introduced from Finland are the first type; P / EH1200 type imported from West Germany is the second type; ZDQ100 / 100 and Soviet Flying Arrow-77 developed by Chongqing Coal Science Branch are the third type The main technical parameters of these types of drilling rigs are shown in Table 3. Because these patio rigs have their own characteristics, they must make full use of their respective advantages to serve the construction of the mine.

Table 2 Comparison of three types of patio drilling rigsComparison of types of drilling rigsItems of drilling rig installation position pilot hole direction dismantling pilot bit connection reaming drill bit position expanding direction reaming slag application conditions advantages

There are roadways in category I on the level from top to bottom, from bottom to top, and on the level. There are roadways on type II. ——From the bottom to the bottom, the level has the roadway drilling rig and the slag discharge. The power of the two water rigs is low, and it can be relatively high at the upper level. 2

Ping does not interfere with each other, and the working volume and weight are small. Good conditions; little affected by geological conditions; drilling verticality is easy to grasp. Slagging and drilling are mutually difficult. Drilling is difficult, and disadvantages require more auxiliary equipment. The diameter of a single reaming diameter channel or the production system is small, and the power of the multi-stage drill rig needs to be large; the relative speed of the slag hole is lower; It is difficult to guarantee drilling accuracy.
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