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Patio rig construction and mine safety

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Patio rig construction and mine safety:

1. High-risk patio construction

Mining enterprises are one of the three high-risk industries in China. There are many unsafe factors objectively, and patio driving is more dangerous. The proportion of mine-pit excavation in the amount of mine-lane engineering varies from one mine to another. Generally, the mine-pit excavation construction accounts for only about 10% of the mine-lane work and about 20% of the mining-cutting project. But the patio is the key to the mining and cutting project. It is of great significance to ensure the safety of the patio construction, speed up the construction progress, promote the early commissioning of the infrastructure mines and the balance of the third-level ore production volume, and achieve safe, stable and efficient mine production.

At present, most mines in China use the common law or the hanging tank method, and the common law is the most common. There are many risk factors, including cannon smoke poisoning, falling from a high place, falling from the top, hitting objects, mechanical injury, and electric shock. The mechanized construction of the patio rig will not cause any casualties.

2. Security incident costs

One person died in coal mining 1 million tons; fatal accidents are not allowed in metal and non-metal mines.

Pressure chamber), reinforced drilling shafts, observation holes, ventilation holes, and other slip wells (wellbore, mining eye, mine eyes, silos), various guide shafts, slag eyes, and material personnel wells 2. Import and export According to the current state policy, one person who lost his work compensated 620,000 yuan and a fine of 200,000 yuan from the safety supervision. In addition to the resettlement expenses of family members and the reception costs of the inspection team, the direct loss was more than 1 million yuan. If it is ordered to suspend production for rectification due to a casualty accident, its loss is even more difficult to estimate.
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