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Standard process operation method for driver post of emulsion pump station

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Emulsion pump station driver post standard process operation method I. Description of position (type of work) I am the ** Emulsion pump station driver in the work area ***, ** year ** attended special job training in Zaozhuang Amber Center, my The special work certificate is valid from **** to ****, and has been engaged in this type of work for ** years.
2. Description of job environment (object) My current work location is the 7108 fully mechanized working face. The working surface now uses BRW-315 / 31, 5 intelligent emulsion pumping station. During the job, the pressure of the pumping station must be not less than 30MPa. Use an automatic proportioning device to keep the concentration of the emulsion at 3% to 5%.
3. Safety Confirmation Before Work 1. "The top plate is intact, there is no two-in-one combination, and the gang has found it."
2. "Hydraulic pipeline is intact and reliable, and the pressure gauge shows normal"
3. "The contact signals are complete and valid."
4. "After trial operation, the emulsion pump is operating normally."
Fourth, the operation flow finger dictation 1, send a signal to the working surface, ready to open the pump for liquid supply.
2. Power on the switch and press the button to start the hydraulic pump.
3. After starting the motor, slowly close the manual unloading valve to gradually increase the pump pressure to the specified value.
3. When the hydraulic pump reaches normal pressure, open the liquid supply stop valve.
4. When the pump is stopped in an accident or stopped after being closed, the manual unloading valve should be opened first to make the pump run dry.
Fifth, the safety expectation pressure gauge indicates that the pressure is abnormal, the automatic dosing device starts abnormally, the filter is damaged or blocked and cannot be filtered, the liquid supply pipeline is broken or disconnected, and a large amount of liquid is leaked. Stop the pump immediately for processing.
6. Disaster avoidance route 7. Post risk factor description After investigation and analysis, my post has 5 risk factors:
1. Failure to check the use of stoppers for mobile trains has caused sports car accidents,
2. The set pressure and pressure indicator of the pumping station were not checked. The insufficient pressure at the pumping station caused the initial support force of the support to drop and the roof of the working surface to fall.
3. The pipeline joints were not checked, and the high and low pressure pipeline joints popped out and hurt people.
4. The oil quantity of the crankcase has not been checked. The oil quantity is insufficient and the crankcase is damaged.
5. Jog the motor before receiving the signal for fluid use. Failure to stop the supply of fluid in time may cause misoperations and injure workers.
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