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Relevant regulations for the use of reverse-drilling rigs to dig dark shafts, coal bunkers and coal gangues

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Article 57 of the Coal Mine Safety Regulations When using a reverse-drilling rig to dig underground shafts, coal bunkers and coal mines, the following provisions shall be observed:
(1) During the reaming operation, it is strictly forbidden for personnel to stay, pass, observe or produce slag below. When slag emerges, the reverse rig should stop the reaming operation. Protective measures must be taken when replacing the rock breaking hob.
(2) Dry drilling and reaming are strictly prohibited.
(3) Timely cleaning the vermiculite in the slippery hole to prevent plugging. Special measures must be formulated to deal with plugging the hole. Standing on the vermiculite of the slippery hole is strictly prohibited.
(4) After the reaming is completed, fences must be set around the upper and lower orifices to prevent personnel from entering.
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