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Emulsion pump driver post standards

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                • Emulsion pump driver (pump station worker) job standard:
                  1. Emulsion pump drivers must be trained, familiar with the performance and construction principles of liquid pumps, familiar with this operating procedure, maintaining and maintaining liquid pumps in accordance with intact standards, and holding certificates after obtaining a certificate.
                  2. Pump station workers should stick to their posts. Under normal circumstances, one pump is required to work, and the other pump is reserved or overhauled.
                  3. The pump runs smoothly and the sound is normal; the opening and closing pressures of the unloading valve and safety valve meet the requirements; the plunger is well lubricated; whether the joints and seals are tight and free of drips.
                  The emulsified liquid is free from oil, soap, precipitation, discoloration, taste and other phenomena; the vent hole cover on the emulsified liquid tank and reducer is unobstructed.
                  4. The handles of each shut-off valve are flexible and reliable. The suction valve, manual unloading valve and working surface return liquid are in the open position. The shut-off valve supplying liquid to the working surface is in the closed position. Various pressure gauges are complete, complete and sensitive.
                  5. The oil level and seal of the reducer meet the requirements; the pipe joint from the pumping station to the working surface is firm and leak-proof.
                  6. The liquid supply pipeline should be neatly suspended to ensure the smooth delivery and return of liquid.
                  7. Keep no dust on switch, motor, pump body and emulsion tank.
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