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Emulsion pump unloading valve

The function of the unloading valve is: when the pressure of the liquid supply system exceeds the set pressure of the unloading valve (such as when the bracket stops using liquid), the unloading valve operates, and the emulsified liquid discharged from the pump is directly sent to the emulsified liquid tank, so that the pump station is under no load Run. Save electricity and extend the life of the pumping station.
Working principle of the unloading valve: After the high-pressure emulsion output by the pump enters the unloading valve, it is divided into four fluid paths.
Article 1: Punch open the check valve to supply liquid to the support system;
Article 2: The high-pressure emulsion that has opened the one-way valve reaches the lower cavity of the slide sleeve of the pilot valve through the control fluid path, giving the valve stem an upward thrust;
Third: The high-pressure emulsion from the pump acts on the lower cavity of the thrust piston of the main valve through the middle control fluid path and the lower cavity of the pilot valve, so that the main valve is closed.
Article 4: It is the unloading and returning liquid path of the high-pressure emulsion through the valve port of the main valve.
When the stand stop fluid or the system pressure rises above the setting pressure of the pilot valve, the high-pressure emulsion acting on the lower end of the pilot valve slide opens the pilot valve to unload the high-pressure emulsion acting on the lower cavity of the thrust piston of the main valve. When it returns to zero, the main valve opens due to loss of support. At this time, the emulsion is unloaded back to the emulsion tank through the main valve, and at the same time, the check valve is closed under the pressure of the emulsion. The upper chamber of the check valve forms a high-pressure sealed cavity, thereby maintaining the valve. The continuous opening of the valve achieves a stable unloading state of the valve, and the pump is running at low pressure. When the bracket is re-used with fluid or the system is leaked, the pressure in the high-pressure chamber on the check valve drops to the restored working pressure of the unloading valve, the pilot valve closes under the action of spring force, and the pressure in the lower chamber of the thrust piston of the main valve re-establishes pressure. The valve is closed and the pumping station resumes the liquid supply state.
When adjusting the working pressure of the unloading valve, only the pilot valve adjustment screw sleeve needs to be adjusted, that is, the acting force of the disc spring of the pilot valve is adjusted, and the set pressure is the nominal pressure of the pump at the factory.

Emulsion pump station unloading valve
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