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BRW80 emulsion pump station

BRW80 emulsion pump station model: BRW80 / 15 emulsion pump station, BRW80 / 20 emulsion pump station, BRW80 / 35 emulsion pump station

BRW80 emulsion pump station overview:
BRW80 emulsion pump station is used in various mining, national defense, tunnel and tunnel operations. It mainly provides high-pressure emulsion for coal mining face and roadheader, which can meet different requirements of general mining face and comprehensive mining face. Automatic water inlet, pump overpressure, automatic unloading, and automatic emulsion ratio.
The whole machine uses German production technology, a new 3D2-SZ type cast steel crankcase; adopts herringbone belt gear transmission mode, forced splash lubrication system, elastic spring to automatically adjust the packing seal; high-pressure plunger chrome plating; The rod driving shaft is provided with a sealing device. The shortcomings of the conventional emulsion pump are easy to leak oil, water and pressure loss. The machine runs smoothly and reliably, with stable output pressure, low noise, low friction coefficient, and good lubrication performance. It does not need an additional lubricating oil tank, and the power terminal has low temperature rise. It is suitable for long-term continuous work and convenient maintenance.
组成,是煤矿高档普采工作面单体液压支柱和经济型综采工作面液压支架的液压动力源。 The BRW80 emulsion pump station is composed of two emulsion pumps and one RX-640 type emulsion tank . It is the hydraulic power source for the single hydraulic prop of the high-grade common mining face in coal mines and the hydraulic support of economical comprehensive mining face. The emulsion pump station consists of two pumps and one box, one pump is used, and one pump is reserved. Emulsion pumping station is popular among customers due to its reasonable structure, reliable performance, and convenient use and maintenance.
Main technical parameters of BRW80 emulsion pumping station
Model Nominal flow L / min Working pressure MPa Diameter of plunger mm Number of plungers Number of reciprocations / min Motor power kw Tank capacity L
BRW80 / 15 80 15 40 3 532 30 640
BRW80 / 20 80 20 40 3 532 37 640
BRW80 / 35 80 35 40 3 532 55 640

The BRW80 / 20 emulsion pump and the XR80 / 6.3 emulsion tank form an emulsion pump station, which is mainly used to provide a power source for the hydraulic mechanized coal pillars in underground mines, and can also be used on the ground and other hydraulic equipment.
The BRW80 / 20 emulsion pump is a horizontal three-plunger reciprocating pump. It is driven by a three-phase AC four-pole explosion-proof motor. It is decelerated by a first-stage gear to drive the crankshaft of three cranks. The plunger performs reciprocating motion, so that the working fluid is sucked in and discharged through the suction and discharge valve in the high-pressure cavity, so that the electric energy is converted into hydraulic energy, and the high-pressure liquid is output for the pillar to work.
Emulsion pump station nominal pressure 40 MPa nominal flow 80L / min
Emulsion pump station working power 30-55Kw tank capacity L
Emulsion pump station quality 145Kg working voltage 380V / 660V / 1140V
Plunger diameter 40mm Pump speed 1420r / min
40mm plunger stroke 3
Use medium water, emulsion Dimensions: 850 400 420 (mm) (length width height)
Main technical parameters of BRW80 emulsion pump station:

BRW80 / 25
BRW80 / 20
Nominal flow L / min
Nominal pressure Mpa
Motor power KW
Voltage v
Dimension cm
160 116 123
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                            BRW80 / 25 emulsion pumping station
                            The company's latest development of intelligent emulsion pump pressure control system. After installing this system, the machine can be automatically turned on and off according to the set pressure of the machine. Significant energy saving, prolonging the service life of the pump, reducing personnel care expenditures.

                            This series of models obtained the "Mining Product Safety Mark Certificate" issued by the National Mining Product Marking Center.
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